AKA; Nicole Alexander


Hoopz, the $250,000 winner of I Love Money Season One

Episode GuideEdit

  1. Hoopz proved to be a strong contestant and won the first challenge, along with Whiteboy, and became captain of the Gold team. In the beginning of the episode, Midget Mac made degrading remarks about her, and she saw through that he got eliminated.
  2. Hoopz beats Real in the challenge, although her team ends up losing. She was not put into the safebox.
  3. The Gold team won due to the fact that Chance disqualified his team.
  4. The Gold team won again, thanking Hoopz and Heather for catching the final chicken for the winning point.
  5. The Gold team wins again.
  6. Once again, the Gold team won. Hoopz threatened Pumkin after she voided fellow ally, Chance's check.
  7. Hoopz and Rodeo planned to throw the challenge; even though Hoopz had to sit out, Rodeo still threw it, and Hoopz and Rodeo were both put into the box. Hoopz was eventually saved.
  8. Hoopz was not the winner, but she was not put in the box.
  9. Again, Hoopz didn't win, but was safe.
  10. When it was down to Megan and Hoopz, Hoopz proposed a deal to Megan, to which she agreed, and Hoopz won the challenge. At the power outing, Real proposed to Hoopz, to which she never answered. She ended up eliminating Toastee, after Brandi C. quit.
  11. Hoopz won another challenge, which led to eliminating Pumkin the episode before the finale.
  12. Hoopz did not win the first challenge, and was then put in the box, although Whiteboy saved her. During the final two challenge, she had a come from behind win against Whiteboy, and won the $250,000.

Before I Love MoneyEdit

Hoopz was the winner of Season One of Flavor of Love.